Early 20th Century Gallery House by Carles Enrich, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s Gallery House

The office commissioned to renovate this gallery house was Carles Enrich, an office located in Barcelona. “We work on the basis of pre-existing conditions, and memory, introducing new parameters of interaction between people and their surroundings.” the architects explain. In addition, “We reformulate questions to achieve the best answer for the real needs of both the space and its users“.

The house resides in Gracia, a vibrant and diverse area of Barcelona. The house occupies 185 sq.m. and after the renovation the house and the street became one. More specifically, the architect suggests that the house “connects the street with the inner courtyards“. In fact, the occupants of this galley house are a young couple with two daughters that needed to combine a domestic environment along with a music studio.

Friendlier Place after the Renovation

The two main interventions created a friendlier place for the family to live in. Firstly, they demolished most of the pre-existing walls to create a uniform space. The second intervention was to create continuity of the house: “The visual depth of the house is enhanced and different circulations are granted. From all rooms the inhabitants can enjoy views of the street and the inner courtyard“. The result is impressive. Enjoy.