Ownerless House nº 01, São Paulo, Brazil

Vão is the office accredited to build this house. The office is based in São Paulo, however has created very interesting houses in South America in genereal. It has received the second prize of the ‘National Competition Annex BNDES’ in Rio de Janeiro and has won the ‘International Competition geometries Invisibles’ promoted by space LIGA in Mexico City.

This installation is a component of a project, having as scope to build three houses in neighbouring lots. The idea behind building this house was to accommodate any resident as the client was not an immediate resident, rather it was an intermediary between the architects the actual residents. The house is in Avaré, a city in the state of São Paulo and occupies 180 sq.m. The plot is just over the area of the house (10.6 x 20m) and the intention was to fully utilised.

The first of the three houses has the living room, dining room and kitchen in the centre of the plot. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located in a secondary level, 60 cm higher than the social areas. The result is impressive. Enjoy.