Line Series by Aurore de la Morinerie

Aurore de La Morinerie is a French artist and illustrator. She has a fashion designer degree from the Ecole supérieure des Arts appliqués Duperré, though she also attended Chinese calligraphy that led her to travel a lot. Travelling to China, India, Japan and Egypt “allowed her to deepen her artistic skills and refine her drawing technique”.

For the past 20 years she works for fashion media like Le Monde, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and prestigious fashion houses such as Hermès, Margiela and Chanel. Her main techniques are watercolour ink and wash painting but these techniques are not exhaustive. She also uses the etching press to create a more graphic art through her illustrations.

In this article the series Line is presented. Her illustrations have the essence of abstraction, yet are very well defined providing a clear objection. She used both watercolours and ink to complete the series. The result is impressive. Enjoy.