1929 Exceptional House in Denmark

House in Denmark

Anne Romedahl is the owner of this home located in Fredericia, a place being one of the largest traffic hubs of the country. 1929 house in Denmark with exceptional taste. Romedahl is a teacher but also loves interior design. The house has been decorated solely by the framily, Anne, her husband John and the three beautiful youngsters.

All of the peaces of the furniture and the items of the house were gathered, separately, one by one. Although each one of the items is unique and great, it is also a part of a jigsaw. And by completing the jigsaw each item gets its own position of the house. The house has a continuity, each room being lean and at the same time very functional. The last peace of the house, the terrace, completes Anne’s effort, which is outstanding.

Anne Romedahl, owner of the house explains

[The terrace is] a real little oasis that is being used extensively. We made everything ourselves, and since the decor consists of fleas and container foundations, it has only cost around 2000 DKK including all building materials. All of this was DIY.” Anne explains about the terrace, a part of the house that that is used throughout the year. The result is impressive.