House ideal for a Photogapher by Kouichi Kimura, Shiga, Japan

Japan is a diverse country as far as its culture is conerned, yet very advanced for its advancement. This is evident by looking also at this installation. It has Japanese influence but it could be easily been at a major European city. Kouichi Kimura was the arcitecture appointed for this house and achieved simplicity, as L’ Arca magazine pointed out.

[Kimura’ s] works, mainly residences, are characterized by a poetic and functional minimalism in which a sense of openness and privacy is achieved through careful slicing and layering of wall elements, light and shadows, volumes and spaces”. The house has various parts of open space. Main purpose of this house is to be a studio and a gallery, possibly for a photographer, and optionally can also be a residence. The result is impressive. Enjoy.