Loja Acolá, Store with Indoor Garden, São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo has considerable and diverse architecture. This installationis a retail store having also an indoor garden; rare and beautiful cobination. Responsible to construct this was the Vão arcitectural office. “The invitation to design the new Acolá store was received with great happiness because, due to the years of friendship between us and its creators, we have closely followed the trajectory of the brand since its beginning in 2012.” the architect suggested. It is great to have a mutual understanding, and having that as a common ground work and collaboration is easier.

The store occupies 120 sq.m. centrally located in the city. The main goal for the restructure was to immense natural light within the store. “The desire to bring light into the store guided the first design decisions of replacing a part of the compromised structure with a glass ceiling and visually integrating the levels through partial demolition of the upper slab“. The goal was fully implemented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.