Jaguar Land Rover’s Works Facility Opens

Jaguar Land Rover is a newly formed company, however the two marques that represent the company are dated back in the forties. The base of the company resides in Coventry, UK and early this summer it was the first time that the Classic Works warehouse, showroom and workshop opened. The 150,000 sq.ft. has separate sectors from the first Defenders and Land Rovers to early sports cars such as the D- and E-Type Jaguars for them to be restored.

Apart from the workshop areas of the complex there are more than 500 JLR cars on display, “living assembly of British motoring history” as the company describes. “Classic Works is hugely important to JLR,” said Mr. Edwards. “It’s much more than a building – it’s the heart, and soul, of Jaguar Land Rover Classic for our clients worldwide“. Guided tours will be available from September with the respective ticket. Enjoy.