7×7 House by IZ Architects, Da Nang, Vietnam

Vietnam is beeing transformed for several years. Various design and architectural offices have been remodeled the way one sees the populous cities of the country. In this installation office IZ Architects was commissioned to design this house.

The house is situated in Sơn Trà, an area within Da Nang port city. It occupies just under 50 sq.m., however it is very functional for a single family. “[It] was inspired and created from the idea of a tropical space as it is located in Danang, a central coastal city of Vietnam where the climate is quite severe in the way it varies significantly between the sunny season and the rainy one.” the architect suggests.

The space is indeed tropical having indoors plants. “All the green trees in the house can help link the two floors so all the members of the family are able to see and talk to each other through this open and close space.“. Having holes in the roof, the sun-light is available throughout the day. The result is impressive. Enjoy.