La Piscine, Paris Swimming Pools by Ludwig Favre

A swimming pool is a construction that enables people to swim or engage with leisury activities. Yet, a swimming pool, is around for a while. More specifically, the first such structure was created at Pakistan. The name of it was the Great Bath and was buitl in the 3rd millenium B.C. From then on swimming pools have been evolved, however the main reasons for building them is the same.

Ludwig Favre had a wonderful idea photographing the swimming pools of Paris. Favre was born in Northern Paris and has been specialised in Fine art Photography. “I began this series more than two years ago, to highlight the swimming pools of Paris which offers a modern and old style.” he explains. I have been traveled to Paris twice, if a possible third time occurs I would definitely check some of the swimming pools. Possibly I would also try to swim. Enjoy.