Expansive Roof Terrace Apartment, Greenwich Peninsula, London

Although location of a property has a prominent role, architecture and interior design are equally important when choosing a place to live. This apartment located at Greenwich Peninsula has both. Firstly, the apartment resides by the river Thames. A location that many would love to live by. Secondly, the house was designed by Conran & Partners interior design office, and built by Pilbrow and Partners architects. Both of these offices have expertise in the discipline they work in.

The sepicific location is at the Waterman Gardens. By entering the apartment one could see a great part of the river Thames. The base colours of the apartment are neutral, a choice by the interior design office. By doing so the base colours neutral and they experiment with intense colours in items such as the red poof or the blue painting. The result is, apart from elegant, very comfortable for one to live in. Enjoy