Expansive Roof Terrace Appartment, Greenwich Peninsula, London

Although location of a property has a prominent role, architecture and interior design for it are equally important when choosing where to live. This apartment, located at Greenwich Peninsula in the newly created copmplex Waterman Gardens, has both. On the on hand the apartment is by the river Thames; a location that many would love to live, yet the demand is high. On the other hand, architects Pilbrow and Partners and interior deisgners Conran & Partners used their expertise to provide this beautiful apartment for use.

By entering to the apartment one could see a great part of river Thames. The base colours of the apartment are neutral, so the interior designers had the option, and gladly used it, to experiment with more intense colours on items such as the red poof or the blue painting. Though apart from elegance, the apartment is very comfortable for one to live.

Apart form the aparment itself, by living there one would get the amenities of the Peninsula such as the cinema room or the Aperture club including a gym and place to dine and relax. The aparmtent is for sale, the cost to have it is just over one and half million pounds. Enjoy.