Which Desk Are You? Desks and Personalities Uncovered

When one observes a desk, she could definitely find clues about the owner’s personality of that desk. There are numerous themes while one organises her desk, however, very effectively, JFK BLOG distilled these themes to just five. It may not be exhaustive but it manages to identify several aspects of the social spectrum.

Worried there may be new primitive life form growing amongst the mess.” suggests JFK BLOG. Though this is a comment not by the owner of the Clutterer‘s desk, rather is an observation from the one that visits this office. Is it true? Relatively, yes, it is true. It is true as people are aligned with this view.

There are five offices that describe five different personalities.The Clutterer, the Minimalist, the Sick Note, the Techie and the Personaliser. Which office are you? Enjoy.