Refurbished Apartment in Bilbao, Spain, by Pauzarq Arquitectos

Pauzarq Arquitectos is a studio that was founded in 2010 in San Sebastian. Felipe Aurtenetxe and Elena Usabiaga are the owners of the studio and they deliver functional, efficient and at the same time innovative solutions. This can be seen by the refurbishment completed in 2016 at Bilbao.

The apartment occupies 100 sq.m. Originally the apartment had a concrete structure and polygon-shaped façade. Having that in mind the Studio transformed it to a visually open space that each unique space that consists of the open one can be isolated. “The kitchen, dinning room and leaving room shape a unique sequence, which embraces the whole width of the apartment. These three areas remain connected visually even though the possibility of isolating them exists“. This is functional, efficient and also innovative as a solution like that was not used in the previous years. Enjoy.