Distinctive Ceramics by Claudia Lau

Claudia Lau is a creative artist creating ceramics. Although originally she studied Communication Design at RMIT University, the craft of Ceramics was in her heart. Ceramics was a hobby of hers, initially started with her father. As she was dedicated to this craft, started her career at Leah Jackson’s studio.

I’m learning to manage a shift in my practice, from making one-off pieces to creating in small batches for orders; I’m also trying to be more professional now that I have stockists, but I do like to keeping my practice quite open so I have the capacity to develop new ideas and pieces.” she explains. She currently works with the studio of Asuka Mew and Anna Miller-Yeaman. The studio is the Wingnut & Co focusing on ceramic tableware. Her Ceramics are available in Melbourne at No Order Market. The result is impressive. Enjoy.