An Aestetic ‘Puxadinho’ in São Paulo, Brazil

It is very common in Brazil and in São Paulo in particular, to have an extension for an existing house. These extensions are created to accommodate more people than the house can afford. They are comfortable but with no aesthetic concern. The name for these extension is called ‘Puxadinho’.

Two friend that live Vila Madalena, a neighbourhoods of São Paulo had a wonderful idea to transform an old, ugly house to a hub for young foreigners and Brazilians that pass by through São Paulo. They bought the asset, they demolished it and create this wonderful counterpart. They named it ‘Puxadinho’ as it is an extension for people visiting the city.

[…] throughout the process, it was possible to identify the opportunity to extend the social areas while the bedrooms were not used by guests and the possibility of using the rooftop to grow plants and as a leisure and sunbathing area“. The idea is good, and even better if one identifies how dense São Paulo is. The result is impressive. Enjoy.