A Guide to Indulgence by Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia Lee Cohen is an art photographer and filmmaker originally from a coutryside of Britain. She studied photography at the London College of Fashion and has inspiration from the cinema of the fifties, sixties and seventies. Hitchcock, Kubrick and Lynch are, amongst others, a path to her art. Having stimulus such that, the vibrant colours and the contrast in her photographs are evident.

In this series and the related film, A Guide to Indulgence, identifies beauty satirically. “The music, the darting eyes beneath the masks and the subtle word play puncture an environment that unless scrutinised appears entirely perfect.” Nadia suggests. Wax-faced, otherways elegant, women trying to achieve beauty. Like another Narcissus, these women seek perfection. “The constant pressure faced in striving for perfection is so familiar in the world we inhabit“. The result is impressive. Enjoy.