3D Artist Paints Stunning Macabre Disney Princesses

Sara Le Roy is a Dutch artist based in London. Her main way of painting is oil painting but currently explores the 3D painting techniques as well. Her work has been exhibited worldwide including the State-Of-The-Art Gallery in Hong Kong. By using new media techniques, she can represent her work in both 2D or 3D views. She has several awards one being the Rebecca Hossack Gallery prize.

Her latest series, 3D Tales – The Disenchanted Forest, is going to be exhibited in Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery in Hackney, London. It will start tomorrow, Thursday, for a private show and it will last until the 23rd of March. Figures such as Red Riding Hood, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty will be on display, though With A Twist. Old and new will co-exist. Enjoy.