Pen and Ink Artwork by Lebo Tladi

Lebo Tladi is an artist from South Africa having a BA in graphic design from The Design School of Southern Africa. His main techniques are pen and ink illustrations on paper and he creates “intense personal moments which are masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, lines and patterns, which lure the viewer into a bizarre world portrayed on paper and canvas“. Although just over 22 years old his work has been exhibited to several solo exhibitions.

One could identify his tools: Malcolm Gladwell books, great music and a good place to perform. And I think he has most of it.

My bizarre thoughts are meant to be shared with the world and I promise to constantly deliver unique works of art which will connect you to my visions. And so my imagination and hands will forever be the tools that connect you to my thoughts. The world is my inspiration and my imagination belongs to it.” he explains. This is how humankind evolves. Enjoy.