Pigeon Acuctions in Sanliurfa, Turkey

Pigeons are not as aggressive as a hawk or an eagle, or not so colourful as parrots. But if one reads this article she or he can understand that pigeons are very elegant birds. And apart from elegant, pigeons can be also very expensive. “One of the most coveted of Mr Ozbek’s birds has a value of 1,500 Turkish lira (€370). Auctioneer Imam Dildas once sold a pair of pigeons for 35,000 Turkish lira, almost €9,000.” BBC discovered in a wonderful narration.

Pigeon auctions is still very dynamic, and has been alive for hundreds of years in this area. “They have been my hobby for the last 40 years … You can only understand if you keep pigeons.” Resit Guzel, an entusiast of this activity explains. By watching these birds one definetely would love a pigeon or a pair a pair of them. National Most Beautiful Pigeon Contest was viewed in a poster, an advertisment poster for the pigeon auctions. The result is impressive. Enjoy.