Alagoas House, Olho d’Água do Casado, Brazil

Brazil is a diverse place, and this is evident also by its architecture. Tavares Duayer Arquitetura was the office appointed to refurbish Alagoas House. The house resides in Alagoas, an Eastern state of Brazil. The idea was to preserve as much as local culture the house had. “It helped us understand that the kickoff should be to enhance local culture by using regional techniques on the design and construction of a home and its interior.” the architect suggests.

Apart for the enhancement of the local culture of the area, the office tried – and successfully managed – to create a comfortable house with all modern amenities. They created thermal and ventilation systems, creating a more suitable house for one to live. In addition, the office reorganised the kitchen and the dinning room to provide more space for the family living in. The result is impressive. Enjoy.