Preserved, 3D Painting Exhibtion by Anita Yan Wong

Prof. Anita Yan Wong is both an artist and a lecturer. She has degrees both from Central Saint Martins, London and from Maryland Institute College of Art. She has numerous awards having awarded the 1st place in wall art by “Design within Reach” Design Philadelphia. She handles several things at once but the subject nature is her highlight. “Earth breathes flowers so that it could take our breath away” she explains.

Her latest work is the “Preserved” series is a Rice paper painting in a 3D shadow box. As she explained sometime ago Rice painting paper was a common practice within China though nowadays this heritage dissolves. She tries to recreate nature through this practice. “A broken butterfly wing, a bunch of fallen leaves on the path way, a cicadas shell on a tree, some strangely grown twigs and pressed flower bookmarks from my childhood friend: I find these preserved objects beautiful and precious. […]“.

The series “Preserved” is going to be exhibited in Canessa Gallery, a renowned gallery from San Francisco established for several years. The exhibition will take place this March. An exhibition to follow. Enjoy.