La Casa Pucha, Santiago de Cali, Colombia


Anita Calero

Santiago de Cali, or simply Cali for the locals, is “the only major Colombian city with access to the Pacific Coast, [..] is the main urban and economic centre in southwest Colombia, and has one of the fastest-growing economies in the country“. Yet this city has a different pace than major cities like New York. Anita Calero, a New York based photographer, has origins from Cali. as a result, she found this place to disconnect with her demanding environment that New York provides.

La Casa Pucha


La Casa Pucha resides in a nearby hill 10 minute drive from the centre of the city. In fact, the house was re-designed from the beginning. Definitely has Calero’s touch picking Scandinavian furniture, antique artefacts from New York and very interesting books about photography and architecture. The house is 130 sq.m. long and the ceilings are as high as 5 meters giving enough height for one to breath. The result is astonishing. Enjoy.









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