UNTAMED, Adam Hall’s Exhibition at Robert Lange Studios


Adam Hall is a self-taught artist originally from Wheeling, West Virginia. He currently lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee. His prominent techniques are charcoals and oil paintings and his main theme is landscapes. In fact, ten years ago his passion about art blended with his career by working with a local interior design firm. “Art is such a powerful tool and I strive to use it in the most positive way I know how” he explains. Currently, an exhibition is taking place in several galleries in South-East United States.


I’ve had to be very intentional to find time for myself and discover healthy routines to keep my dreams and adventurous spirit alive” Adam Hall suggests. And have been performed several times the latest being this August. In particular, Hall’s latest work, UNTAMED, is going to exhibited at Robert Lange Studios. This gallery has hosted some very compelling artists such as Ali Cavanaugh or Tasos Chomias.


The galley started its operations by artist and gallery owners Megan and Robert Lange. It is very important for everyone to embrace these initiatives and provide positive vibes for them to progress. It resides in 2 Queen St. in Charleston, South Carolina. Indeed, the exhibition will launch on August 5 and the artist will be there to answer questions between 17H00 to 20H00. An event I would love to be there. Enjoy.