Brooklyn Warehouse Loft Tranformed to an Artist’s Studio


Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City, being currently the most populous. It is hip, there are much to check out, it is a place anyone could stay for a while, and even live for a substantial time of her life. Working in New York, BW Architects is responsible for this stunning tranformation from a manufacturing warehouse to an artist live and work place.


The office “integrate our appreciation of history and the built environment with state-of-the-art and emerging technology to create designs that are informed, functional, innovative, thorough, environmentally considerate, well detailed, built to last, sensitive to time and budget constraints and most importantly, beautiful“. An this is evident by watching the photographs.


The studio with the living space are seperated by a wall, though a retractable one using some or all of the space for each purpose. The library occupies a whole wall creating a colourfol reference, though the best of it all is the back yard. It is available throughout one side of the house, and it is a place for gatherings on spring, summer and autumn. A place I would definitely stay for a while. Enjoy.