Hiroshi Nagai Paintings


Hiroshi Nagai is a Japanese artist raised at the countryside of Tokushima Prefecture. His initiatives to become an artist and move to Tokyo was through his father as his father was working on his oil paintings while Nagai was growing. Apart from his paintings he has also created some great album covers of Japanese pop music.


Inspiration were surrealists of the last century, namely Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali, but apart from that significant part of his art is pop art and how it is perceived by US. “Without American pop art I would not have to start painting the way I did. This experience made me paint my summer skies as deep blues from that point on. That said, surrealism was also a big influence, and of course hyper-realism.” he explained in a recent interview earlier this year.


His current series has elements from US with the palm trees. And the soundtrack of this series is dedicated to soul music, a music Nagai loves. Marvin Gaye or Bobby Womack are representatives of what he likes. Enjoy.