Colourful Campaign for Aizone, Lebanese Deparment Store


Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, they work closely to create campaigns for groups or stores in several media. Together they have created a design firm based in New York City. Sagmeister has worked for Rolling Stones, The Talking Heads, Lou Reed but also for The Guggenheim Museum. His work has been exhibited throughout the world in New York, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Paris, Lausanne, Zurich, Vienna and Berlin.


Walsh is a designer and art director. She has awarded several times, awards from Type Director’s Club and Art Director’s Club. Moreover she has been recognised as “Top Rising Star in Design” Computer Art’s and an ADC “Young Gun”. Together they worked in the campaign for Aizone, a luxury department store at Lebanon.

They tried to mimic a real environment to represent two dimensional drawings. “Illustrations often depict a 3d object or environment in 2d form. We decided to twist this notion and create a 3d environment that looked like an illustration.” they explained. The result is impressive. Enjoy.