Divergent Realities by Seth Benzel, Showing at Agora Gallery, NY


Seth Benzel is a an exceptional horse trainer and horse enthusiast for ever twenty years having the AmDubai Racing Stable in Saratoga Springs, New York. Yet this article is not about horse-racing, instead we deconstruct Benzel with another hat he wears – and he wears it elegantly.


He is a painter influenced by 20th century abstract painters such as Kandinsky, Gorky, Rothko and Picasso. He is focused on Deconstruction, a philosophical movement and theory of literary criticism that questions traditional assumptions about certainty, identity, and truth.


In his own words, “Deconstructionism is a term coined by Jacques Derrida who was an influential philosopher during the 20th century. There are many layers of his philosophy…in short, he believed everything can be deconstructed to an origin and recreated to form a new reality. My work shows a deconstruction of the pictorial plan, using lines and implied movement that show ‘natural world’ influences, yielding objects that are result of this new reality“.


He paints with vivid colours and as he has emotions as far as as horses are concerned, he also paints these emotions. His studio is in the same area where his stable is, constructed by his, architect and painter, father. His work is exhibited in Agora Gallery until the 28th of October. Enjoy.