Setting Up a 3-Star Michelin Plate


Excellence needs practice, extensive practice. But if one tries on her own, without any guidance, most of the practice is fruitless. One needs to have a coach to progress in anything. And Tracey Torres, a chef that cooks in the best places of the world created a working manual to anyone to create a Michelin Plate. She currently resides in Chicago, IL, and works for Kraft Heinz Company. “For 3-star fine dining plating, you know there’s gonna be a puree of one vegetable. There’s gonna be a sear. There’s a shave—or a chip—something with crunch.” Torres describes. “Honestly, that’s sometimes how they come up with dishes“.


It ain’t easy to create plates like that. But if one identifies components of the task, setting-up the plate itself becomes easier. 6 steps were identified: Prepare Your Components, Leave White Space, Then Fill It, Show The Sear And The Cook, Continue To Plate Main Bites, Fill The White Space With Color and finally add the Sauce. “I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely busy!” she adds. “But you’re paying so much for a reason, because all this work went into it“. This is indeed true. It is hard to put up a Michelin plate. However, it worths every effort. Enjoy.