Stairway to Heaven, Valtellina, Italy by Alfredo Vanotti


Valtellina is in north of Italy, in the region where the borders of Italy and Switzerland resides. The area is famous for the first electrical railway and provides wine mainly from Chiavennasca variety. Having great vineyards, being in the centre of Europe and have an edge in technology is a place for one to retreat for a while. And having accommodation the house described in this article the stay would me far more comfortable and tempting.


Alfredo Vanotti designed this house earlier this year. It occupies 250 sq.m. and is extended into two floors, the ground and the first floor. “The idea was to connect the two floors in order to have an entirely new housing unit, with different roles: a living space with garden and big windows on the ground floor and a sleeping space on the first floor.” the architect suggested. His goal was, and fully accomplished, to create a uniform flow in the house through a staircase becoming part of the two areas instead of just connecting them.


In general, I love white walls but with this installation, having wooden floors and plain furniture, suits even better. It has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and two more bedrooms in the upper floor. In the ground floor there is homogeneous space for dinning-room, living-room and kitchen. The result is impressive. Enjoy.