T/A House, Tel Aviv, by Paritzki & Liani


In EWAT there were shared some extremely well formed installations in Tel Aviv, most recent being the Jaffa Apartment and the Haifa House. In here Paritzki & Liani is the architectural office appointed for this project. They idea is to “[…] posit the need to define a coherent structural arrangement for various spatial systems, able to accommodate the changes required by the organic and inorganic process of occupation.“and in this house this is obvious.


The house resides in North of Tel Aviv. It consists of three asymmetric rectangular volumes. There are uneven heights in the house. They start from 2,80 m in the bedrooms extending up to 5 m in the living room and the gallery. As the owner is a collector a place called gallery was created, a place in the house having the sense of a museum where some very elegant items are arranged.


Predominant colour is white creating a canvas for one to paint. Colourful items are exist throughout the house. The result is noteworthy: new and vintage furniture is blended to create the final touches of the rooms. Enjoy.