Villa Altona Surrounded By Forest, Sweeden


Sollentuna is in Central-East Sweden and is part of the wider Stockholm. This installation finished in 2011 in Törnskogen, an area where in the last four decades villas  were sparsely built here and there. The appointed office for this project was The Common Office, having worked in installations throughout Europe.

Altona by Common Office

The site is rather steep with a height difference of nine meters between the ground floor and street level. […] in the south a more traditional villa garden is shaped in the terracced landscape, whereas in the east, west and north the untouched nature continues right up to the facade.” the architect suggests.


Although I am in favour for country houses near a beach this one is simple, plain with no extra overhead. The furniture matches perfectly the area, having the Scandinavian style. If this house can be isolated as far as the indoor spaces are concerned it could be placed in any context, in any exterior surrounding, in any city. And this is the charming aspect of this installation. Enjoy.