Song 74: Trini Lopez – If You Wanna Be Happy

This song appeared to me for the first time through this lovely compilation Play Summer. This CD was stuck on my cd-player on my car for over a year. It had some great re-visits of well-known songs such us Tainted LoveThe Boys Are Back In Town (I loved this one) or Creep. But ‘If You Wanna Be Happy‘ apart from a great re-visit it de-crystallizes some aspects of our society that otherwise was prohibited.

The song was first released by  Jimmy Soul reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on May of 1963. It was based by the older song “Ugly Woman” by the Trinidadian calypsonian Roaring Lion. The song was banned on many radio stations, due to the use of the words “Ugly Girl/ Woman”. But as a rhythm is fabulous. In this article the revisit by Trini Lopez is presented. Enjoy.

Hey baby.
Saw your wife the other day.
Yeah, she’s ugly.
Yeah, she’s ugly but she sure can cook.