Song 73: Johnny Hallyday – Noir c’est noir

Los Bravos was a Spanish group active from 1965 up to 1968. They formed from a combination of two distinct groups, namely Los Sonor from Madrid and The Runaways from Mallorca. They are most notable song is ‘Black is Black‘ reaching number 2 in the UK Singles Chart and 4 in US Billboard Hot 100. The song was in the playlist of my youth, as on vacation and long day-trips I was listening to it. And indeed music was, and still is, in prominent position.

Some time ago I watched the Movie ‘The Good Thief‘ and I adored the soundtrack. ‘Noir C’est Noir‘ performed by Johnny Hallyday was also there. Although I could not corellate (at the time) the original with the french version, I loved both of them. This version was holding number one spot on France’s singles chart for seven weeks. Enjoy.