Colour Patterns Seen in a Vintage Way, by Shawn Huckins


Colour Patterns

Being a fan of artists that deal with colours such as Gerhard Richter or Mark Rothko, I am keen of this series from Shawn Huckins. Although Richter randomly arranged a grid of squares to create his kaleidoscopic version, or Rothko’s “motif of soft, rectangular forms floating on a stained field of colour“, Huckins deals with colour directly. He curettes wonderful colour patterns.


Shawn Huckins

Shawn Huckins was born  in New Hampshire and currently resides and works in Denver, Colorado. His work has been exhibited throughout USA and featured in some of the most influential digital media such as Huffington Post.


Anyone can identify red over blue, or green over yellow but most of us could not fully correlate the shades of the same colour. Huckins identified the interaction on what people choose as a colour for their walls, for their clothes and even for their food with some lovely paintings. It seems that if one sees these paintings, her subconscious individual taste between colours becomes gradually conscious.


Bands of colour we may choose for our most intimate spaces—bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms—are an ideal stage to examine the everyday people and objects that occupy our world,” Huckins says. “While the products and services we use, the clothes we wear, and the food we consume may be uniform and standardized, I find pure, simplistic beauty and exceptional intimacy in the common object and our everyday environment“. The result is impressive. Enjoy.








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