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Song 70: Pet Shop Boys – Rent

The song Rent identifies not only the insecurities the current society creates within intimate relationships, but also the result of them which is kind of numbness and insensibility. The lyrics are exceptional, leaving no much space for argument.


Street Art at Sea Level in Hawaii by Sean Yoro

These portraits of women are murals in the streets of Hawaii, as if they emerge from the water. He created them by riding his surfboard as there was nowhere else to stand!


Half Young, half Old Bodies: Live Young Evian

It is remarkable for one to identify her own objectives throughout a lifetime and, possibly, one of them may be ‘Live Young’.  Evian has a whole advertisement campaign for her products in this context.


Chocolate as a 3D Puzzle by Josep Maria Ribe

Josep Maria Ribe is responsible for this project, the creation of this vary tasty yet puzzle game. Three individual designs, a giraffe, an elephant and a squirrel (with its acorn) were made. The idea is ingenious and the packaging very creative.