New York Vs. San Francisco by Sarah Cooper


New York Vs. San Francisco

There are differences between borrows and neighbourhoods of a city. However, how one perceives these differences? And what about when the debate is between New York Vs. San Francisco? What are the differences between those cities? They are both popular and have a worldwide attraction, as an older report suggests. Sarah Cooper, a comedian and writer originally form New York, created some distinct illustrations about these specific differences.

new york vs. san francisco everythingwithatwist

I moved to San Francisco from NYC about a month ago and immediately noticed a lot of these differences firsthand,” Cooper, explains as currently lives in the Bay Area. Many people identify that “New Yorkers are mean, and San Franciscans are lazy,” but, “I’ve found neither to be true!“. Though still recollects NYC and although “San Francisco is amazing, […] If I had to choose, it would have to be NYC“. What about you, which city is the best? Check out on these great illustrations and decide. The result is impressive. Enjoy.




new york vs. san francisco everythingwithatwist

new york vs. san francisco everythingwithatwist