Los Angeles Paintings by Bradley Hankey


Bradley Hankey was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon having a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. After he graduated and explored his next moves, staying for a while in Costa Rica, he finally resided in Los Angeles where he still lives.

los angeles paintings bradley hankey everythingwithatwist

I  am inspired by the unique quality of light and colour in Los Angeles […]. The blue, blue sky and warm sun lend a bright, colourful palette to everyday life. I am constantly seeing images in the world around me that could be paintings, almost as if my eye is a camera, constantly taking snapshots.” he explains about his work.


As time goes by technology becomes more pervasive in everyday life, so technology becomes pervasive in art as well. As a result technology and art, at least for Hankey, come together. Every painting starts from a photograph taken by his smartphone and then shared through his Instagram account. From then on he explores the potentials each photograph has to be developed to an actual painting.  “Transforming these brief moments of beauty through the medium of oil paint helps me make sense of the undeniable, mysterious allure of Los Angeles” he adds. His work is great. Enjoy.


los angeles paintings bradley hankey everythingwithatwist

los angeles paintings bradley hankey everythingwithatwist



los angeles paintings bradley hankey everythingwithatwist