Paintings by Michael Carson

paintings michael carson everythingwithatwist

Michael Carson was born in Minneapolis in 1972. Although he graduated from Minneapolis Institute of Art in 1996 he started painting full time after five years in 2001. Carson is another figurative artist featured in EWAT, most noticeable being Eric Fischl and of course Jack Vettriano. He is influenced by Toulouse Lautrec, John Singer Sargent and Norman Rockwell  while figurative painting was rediscovered as Realism by the late 19th century and early 20th.

paintings michael carson everythingwithatwist

Despite the fact that Carson has not a particular colour frame and his choices have a wide range, his themes are restricted to the night. Any painting could travel us in a nightclub or a jazz club, a casino or even an intimate moment in a bedroom (as Vettriano painted very often); the night though is present in most of his paintings.


[…] I learn something new in every painting. I love to incorporate my love of design, fashion and architecture into my work. My nondescript surroundings help me to create a mood or a story that I am trying to relay through my painting. Seeing how the work evolves, the subtle and drastic differences, and looking forward to the future is what keeps me painting. I view a painting as a success when I take from it something new that follows me into my next work. It’s just learning to become a better painter.” he explains about his work. Enjoy.

paintings michael carson everythingwithatwist

paintings michael carson everythingwithatwist












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