Sandwiches Deconstructed by David Schwen

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Most of us know the ingredients of the well-known sandwiches around the world, we can prepare them and we can eat them. But how many of us can literally deconstruct them to the bare ingredients, sort them and photograph them? David Schwen, an experienced designer and illustrator artist having worked with some of the best companies around – Coca Cola, Harley Davidson, Levi’s to name some, deconstructed these sandwiches in a very creative way.


Schwen has a way of using minimalism very effectively by creating substance with less raw material. His recent series ‘How To’, created for The Daily Share, is an ideal example of minimalism in action. And, if you didn’t already know what makes up a cheeseburger or a Reuben sandwich, the photos can be a handy tutorial in sandwich-making. Enjoy.




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