Portraits by Mark Demsteader

mark demsteader everythingwithatwist

Mark Demsteader was born in Manchester in 1963. Although from his early stages of his life he pursued art it was hard to be fully dedicated while in Manchester. He studied at Rochdale College and Oldham College and also has a postgraduate degree from Slade School of Art in London. While studying in Slade School a gallery gave him a space to exhibit his work and six pieces were sold. From then on his career is steadily advancing, having a solo exhibition with Panter & Hall in West End annually since 2004.

mark demsteader everythingwithatwist

Demsteader has won several awards including The Lyceum Prize and The Sidney Andrews Scholarship. His main techniques are charcoal and gouache and his main theme are female forms. Emma Watson is his latest muse having created 34 paintings of her. His work is remarkable. Enjoy.


mark demsteader everythingwithatwist