Oil Paintings as Crumpled Magazine Pages by Stefania Fersini


Stefania Fersini is an artist born in Aosta, Italy and currently lives and works in Turin. She is part of Nucleo, a platform having as elements contemporary art and new artists with many exhibitions throughout the world.

stefania fersini painting everythingwithatwist

The enlarged fashion pages bring back to real scale the characters and the scene in the foreground, creating a parallel world made of models, scenarios, icons of our society. Magazine papers picked from rubbish, with their twists and reflections, divert the attention from the scene.” she explains about her crinkled paintings. Perception of what is currently attractive by the society is questioned by her work. “[…] the products’ captions, they represent consumerism […]” she continues, and this of course is one of the current mottos of the society. Enjoy.

stefania fersini painting everythingwithatwist



stefania fersini painting everythingwithatwist