Post Painting by Rupert Shrive

rupert shrive everythingwithatwist

Rupert Shrive, nowadays, is an established artist, though art was in his mind for a long time. He was Born in Norfolk in 1965 and currently have a studio at Soho where he came into contact with Francis Bacon. At the age of six he copied Saint George and the Dragon, a painting by Uccello. Radical with his stance he was expelled from high school going to Norwich School of Art with no any A-Levels.

rupert shrive everythingwithatwist

In an interview some time ago said the following for young artists, though this is for anyone that needs to excel, “Choose the path you want to pursue, believe in it, and then work as hard as you can. Young artists need as many obstacles as possible so that only the tough ones come through […]“. After his first solo exhibition in Scream Gallery in Mayfair, London his career has a great success. His work has been exhibited in Madrid, Milan and Hong Kong not to say in London several times.

rupert shrive everythingwithatwist

His work is unique as although his main techniques are part of painting, his paintings are three-dimensional ones. He creates them, he deconstructs them and discovers a new identity, a new meaning of these paintings. His technique, on his own words, is ‘Post Painting’ a technique for one to look further over the years. Enjoy.




rupert shrive everythingwithatwist




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