Windhover Contemplative Center, Stanford University, San Francisco, California

windhover contemplative center stanford everythingwithatwist

Most of us have an idea of how a university is structured: lecture rooms, bigger amphitheaters, libraries, fields, gyms, refectories. But how many universities have a place for one to regroup and have her spiritual moments? On October 8 2014 Stanford University opened the Windhover Contemplative Center. It is an extraordinary installation for all members of the university – students, staff and faculty, to reflect, reform and see life with different perspectives.

windhover contemplative center stanford everythingwithatwist

The architecture involved was by Aidlin Darling Design with collaboration with Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture. The installation got the ASLA Design Medal for 2014. They needed to deliver the 370 sq.m. of the building as well as the surrounding area. The result is extraordinary. Windhover Contemplative Center is not just a place to reflect but also a place to exhibit art.


In a world culture that focuses on speed and instantaneous access, Stanford has gifted their students and faculty a place to re-center themselves and find balance in their lives,” a partner of Aidlin Darling Design, Joshua Aidlin said. The art is from Nathan Oliveira, a Professor of Studio Art at Stanford University. The result is impressive. Enjoy.