Fully Refurbished House, Lima, Peru by Nicole Futterknecht Arevalo

nicole futterknecht arevalo everythingwithatwist

The idea in any interior design project is not just to find a great sofa, or a splendid table but to match the sofa with the armchair and connect the living room’s furniture to the furniture next room  that it may be the dinning room, the bedroom or even the bathroom. One needs to associate the items at hand comfortably with no visible effort and the audience has to feel the comfort and the the calmness of each area.


In this project the design is simple, with no exaggerations, yet very colourful and definitely it catches the eye. The asset of this apartment is that it is the brightness in all rooms, from the entrance hall, to the living room, up to the bedroom; and this brightness did not came easy. Originally the house was two bedrooms with a tiny door “making that space is extremely dark“, Nicole Futterknecht Arevalo the architect said (check how the bedroom and the outdoors space used to be). She needed to rearrange the whole house to have the current view.

nicole futterknecht arevalo everythingwithatwist

Having that in mind Arevalo, the one that rearranged everything in this house, played with earthy colours in the main furniture and more aggressive ones at the decorative items such as a vase or a rug. She inter-connected all of the rooms effortlessly to accommodate any audience. The result is impressive. Enjoy.

nicole futterknecht arevalo everythingwithatwist





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