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Ramsey Lewis – How Beautiful Is Spring

The song ‘How Beautiful Is Spring’ was first featured in the album Another Voyage. It was written by Eddie Harris and it is a a beautiful song.


Reclaim the Kitchen

A cooked meal at the the kitchen is what everyone needs, but nowadays who has the time to do that? “This project opened our eyes to the importance of home cooked meals, even one or two a week,” Dave Longfield by The Richards Group Copywriter explains and this is so true.


Western Realty by Ed Freeman

Ed Freeman is a photographer focusing on commercial and fine art photography.  In this series Freeman digitally enhanced his photographs to identify both the beauty of these structures and the dark side of them.


Archizoo, Architecture Visualised as Animals by Federico Babina

In this series animals are in the front seat. He has blended some of the most iconic buildings such as Eiffel Tower or the Cathedral of Brasilia byNiemeyer, with animals that are in every zoological park.


Elegant Bird Illustrations in Moleskine Diaries by Fran Giffard

Fran Giffard is a London illustrator having as a base London, Honk Kong and Bermuda. She is inspired by common as well as exotic birds, and this is evident by looking at her current work. Her illustrations are blended with actual notes in her diary and this.