Western Reality by Ed Freeman

ed freeman western realty everythingwithatwist

Ed Freeman is a photographer and focuses on commercial and fine art photography. Some time ago though his career was much different. Firstly, he was a folk guitarist and a classical lutenist. Secondly, and most importantly, he worked as a road manager on the last Beatles tour. After the career switch, he is very focused being awarded by Getty Images.


In EWAT there is a trend presenting isolated buildings series photography. More specifically, articles like Paris Alimentation Stores or that extraordinary series on Miami Beach Houses are some examples. In the series presented, Freeman digitally enhanced his photographs to identify both the beauty of these structures and the dark side of them. “[…] buildings across the western United States are part of my ‘Western Realty’. They came about as a natural extension of my Desert Realty series – a way of seeing commonplace architecture with fresh eyes ” he explains. The result is impressive. Enjoy.

ed freeman western realty everythingwithatwist


ed freeman western realty everythingwithatwist



ed freeman western realty everythingwithatwist





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