Reclaim the Kitchen


A cooked meal at the the kitchen is what everyone needs, but nowadays who has the time to do that? And as fast-food and delivery food have been expanding for some time it is even harder for one to focus in the kitchen. Apart from cooking, there is also an issue about gathering all family members around the dinner table. Long hours at the office, outdoor activities, too many distractions such as smart-phones, television, internet are the main reasons for not doing so.

This project opened our eyes to the importance of home cooked meals, even one or two a week,” Dave Longfield, copywriter at The Richards Group explains. “[…]The branded content film is all about inspiring participation and conversation – hopefully in the kitchen and around the dinner table“. Why not trying at least once in a week, for start, to eat all in the dinning room? Reclaim the Kitchen, the related video, reclaims good food for the whole family. The result is impressive. Enjoy.


reclaim the kitchen everythingwithatwist






reclaim the kitchen everythingwithatwist

reclaim the kitchen everythingwithatwist