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Illustrations Inspired by San Francisco’s Downtown for Children

Eda Kaban is a Turkish illustrator devoted to children’s books. Her main inspiration on her work is the marketing of the fifties. Her stimulus to create them is the every day life of downtown San Francisco as she lives near Chinatown, where neverending raw material is there to be crafted.

alela diane

Alela Diane – The Pirate’s Gospel

The song The Pirate’s Gospel was recorded in her father’s studio and, again, was self-released in 2004  until Holocene Music re-issued the album in October 2006. “is a captivating debut from Alela Diane, whose enthusiasm and ability for a then-extremely-fresh learner on guitar is quite something.” AllMusic suggests.


House R by Christ Christ Architects, Karlsruhe, Germany

Christ Christ Architects built an elegant house. Numerous spots placed evenly in the ceiling create the atmosphere of order. In the basement there is a indoors swimming pool, for me one of the wildest dreams. The house is exceptional.


Different Cuisines around the World by Christine Rode

The twist of this project is that the dishes from these distinctive styles of cooking are not prepared, rather the core ingredients are photographed prior to the cooking. Christine Rode, the one who compiled the project,  is a Norwegian designer that currently lives in San Francisco, CA.


Paintings by Eric Fischl

Eric Fischl is an American painter and sculptor. He opposed the trend of the late twentieth century which, as far as the art was concerned, was more abstract and minimalistic. His main style is figurative painting, and he paints wonderfully.


Energy Efficient House, Bedford Park, Toronto, Canada

Great aesthetics and respect to the nature does not necessarily eliminate one another in architecture. Within the almost 300 sq.m. area of the house used a mix of passive design principles and active technology including geothermal heating and automated lighting. But most importantly, at least for me, the architect wonderfully coupled the technology with a beautiful design delivering an excellent product. Enjoy.