Energy Efficient House, Bedford Park, Toronto, Canada

energy efficient house everythingwithatwist

Great aesthetics and respect to the nature does not necessarily eliminate one another in architecture. The client of LGA Architectural Partners, and subsequent within the family of the architect – Alex Tedesco – involved for the construction of the house, asked for a house that would respect the neighbourhood, having the latest trends as far as energy and technology are concerned, but also possess the aesthetics the clients needed.


My building science background allows for a more informed design process based on scientific research that enables LGA to create buildings that are beautiful, perform better, and are healthier for their occupants and the environment” Tedesco says. Within the almost 300 sq.m. area of the house used a mix of passive design principles and active technology including geothermal heating and automated lighting. But most importantly, at least for me, the architect wonderfully coupled the technology with a beautiful design delivering an excellent product. Enjoy.

energy efficient house everythingwithatwist



energy efficient house everythingwithatwist




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