Song 60: Alela Diane – The Pirate’s Gospel

Alela Diane is an american songwriter and singer having as basis the folk genre and builds on it in related counterparts such as alternative and indie folk. As both of her parents are musicians she started her music career early in her life and at the age of 20 she self-released her first album being the Forest Parade.

The song The Pirate’s Gospel was recorded in her father’s studio and, again, was self-released in 2004  until Holocene Music re-issued the album (the same name as the song) in October 2006. After the revision by Holocene Music had a great success, “is a captivating debut from Alela Diane, whose enthusiasm and ability for a then-extremely-fresh learner on guitar is quite something.” AllMusic suggests. The song is a hidden gem for me, found by bar-hopping during this winter. Enjoy.