Illustrations Inspired by San Francisco’s Downtown for Children

eda kaban illustartions everythingwithatwist

Eda Kaban is a Turkish illustrator devoted to children’s books. She works for Shannon Associates, a New York agency, though at the same time she is an instructor at the university where she graduated, San Francisco’s Academy of Arts. Although her life was not like a bed of roses she found her pathway that she loves.

eda kaban illustartions everythingwithatwist

She started her education by receiving the degrees in Design and Computer Engineering in her country, though she was struggling to be happy. So see saw her life in a different perspective asking for a shift. “I knew nothing about illustration or drawing when I came [to San Francisco’s Academy of Arts]. It all came together. The faculty in Illustration is amazing.” she explains, and after all she found what she was looking for.

eda kaban illustartions everythingwithatwist

Her main inspiration on her work is the marketing of the fifties. Her stimulus to create them is the every day life of downtown San Francisco as she lives near Chinatown, where neverending raw material is there to be crafted. “I like making people smile” she says, and this is evident through her work. Enjoy.

eda kaban illustartions everythingwithatwist